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Intercultural Management

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  • Dauer 24 bzw. 18 Monate
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Today, business people must understand not only their own cultural complexity but also the need to function effectively in culturally-diverse contexts ranging from their personal and private lives to their workplaces, and other societies, contexts and geographical regions. Further, face-to-face interactions throughout our world, using even all the various forms of digital communications, require in many situations a profound intercultural awareness and excellent communication skills. Globalization has led to a critical need for well-trained, adaptable management that can effectively interact in a variety of multicultural contexts.

Not only is intercultural competence a must for today’s leaders, but having a principled and responsible approach to doing business is increasingly expected by stakeholders of multinational corporations and organizations. Recognizing this, we have designed a program that weaves the concept of triple bottom line ethics throughout our courses. You will learn how to creatively find solutions to common business and organizational issues in ways that build both respect and long-term sustainability. Using interactive components such as case studies and online seminars, we will closely work together to help you understand best practice within a framework of accountability.

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Globally operating organizations are critically aware of the need for culturally competent, responsible leaders. Our program offers both the scientific basis as well as the methodological, practical skills that excellent leaders need for managing projects, people, and environments in our globalized world. We build our program on the understanding that effective intercultural management requires innovative strategies and a strong understanding of human interactional behavior, and that organizations value teachable, adaptable and responsible leaders.

This program is based on international leadership skills, interactional behavior, and important tasks such as creating successful strategies. It brings together a wide range of academic disciplines, in order to explore the cultural complexities and diversity of our current times, from a variety of conceptual, academic and professional perspectives. We encourage you to better understand such complexities, your own cultural selves, and your interactional competence in a transnational context. Our program is designed to form top-notch graduates who are able to blend cultural theory with practical business strategies and best responsible practice.


  • Managing Global Talent
  • Intercultural Management Strategies
  • Management Communication
  • Organizational Sustainability
  • International Seminar
  • Intercultural Negotiation
  • Fundamentals in Intercultural Studies
  • The Ethnography of Communication
  • Intercultural Communication and Management


  • first academic degree including a focus on any aspect of business (any applicants with a first degree focus other than the international workplace will include a motivational letter detailing your interest, experience and objectives for enrolling in this program)
  • 6 month master's entrance program if you have extensive years of experience in your field as professional or manager


  • at least one year of work experience since completing the bachelor degree

Anyone with a first degree of at least 210 ECTS may be admitted to a master’s program which carries 90 ECTS. However, graduates with a first degree carrying 180 ECTS may also be admitted. In such a case it is necessary to include proof of required qualifications. Such proof may be provided in three ways:

  1. You have relevant vocational experience of at least one year. OR
  2. You have completed further training of at least 30 ECTS at the Euro-FH or another university. OR
  3. You complete a Bridging Term carrying 30 ECTS at the Euro-FH.

Your English proficiency must be fluent and you must be able to read and understand academic texts in English, as well as write fluently in English. The entire study program is in English.

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